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Care - advice
        Oriental carpets are made by craftsmen
                 using natural fibres.To conserve these 
                     precious possessions, certain precautions
                           must be taken in caringfor them:
  • Avoid using any carpet - cleaning product or stain - removal product.
  • Reduce the use of vacuum cleaners on old carpets, if possible use instead a  fine-haired brush, sweeping with the pile.
  • In the event of astain, soak it up with a sponge. If the stain persists consult a specialist.



     The natural dyes may  be sensitive to  a prolonged exposure  to  sunlight, or moonlight. If possible avoid over-exposure  and  change the direction of your carpet once or twice par year.

    A traditional washing  every four or five years by a specialist will rid your carpet of dust and dust-mites