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Did you know?

* The oldest hand-made carpet found  to date  is a  Persian carpet  woven 500 years before Jesus Christ.
The weaving loom  exists since 3000 B.C.

* Oriental carpets were discovered by Europeans as early as the sixteenth century. King Henry 8th possessed an important collection.

* King Louis 14th ordered  his craftsmen to learn the technique of weaving. The first workshop was set up
in a disused soap factory near Paris. The name "SAVONNERIE"( Soap factory ) given to the carpets woven in his workshops comes from here.

* Perisan and Turkish knots are used in 95% of hand-made carpets.

* A prayer rug  is not, as it is often thought, simply a carpet of small dimension, but owes its name to the fact that it is oriented.

* Most carpets made by craftsmen have ABRACHES, due to different wool baths. These horizontal bands do not reduce the value of the carpets but prove their authenticity, so much so that, on machine-woven carpets false  ABRACHES are made.

* It takes a professional weaver from one to five months to weave one squared metre of carpet. If the value of the carpet  is underestimated, it is greatly due to the weakness of the producing countries'  currencies compared to that of  Western countries.